Samstag, 31. Dezember 2011

New Year - What's so special about New Year's Day?

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Years ago, when I was a sweet naive child, I loved New Year's day. Being allowed to stay out of bed soooo long, allowed to drink coke and a bright heaven at night were so special, so magical to me - at least as far as I remember.
But today? I'm 19 years old, my parents allow me to drink alk, as I'm an adult, I can be awake as long as I want to. The bright heaven at night shall be special? To be honest, japanese firework is a total difference to our german one. Everyone's doing firework and the coolest thing to the teens is to do the most loud firework. Teens throw their stuff onto cars, which drive (!), are stupid as hell and don't know how to work with the exploding and dangerous things.
Adults are sometimes not better than their kids.
3 Years ago we celebrated into my grandma's birthday (1st january), but now she's dead. The day sometimes reminds me of that fact and more hurt.
Alcohol isn't so great to me. As said I can drink it anytime without reason. People in bars mostly drink as much as hell, so they have to get into the hospital.
New Year's Day is full of dangers, full of accidents.

So what the heck is so special on that day?
Well, the german origin thoughts of that day. What we take so unserious was so important years ago. Usually firework was done to get away bad spirits and so to get a great new year. Just thanks to that thought I like the idea of still doing it, even though so many people are handling it so worng.
You stay awake with friends and / or family - so it gets you together with beloved people. You become sentimental together. Whereas on other parties you just make party, on this day you celebrate different.
At least it shall be that way. It's nearly the same as christmas to me - you do something with beloved people and all the thing has a deeper sense than just drinking or something.

I dunno how you think, but that I want to get to know.
So please answer to hese thoughts, discuss everything. Tell me, what do you feel, think and hope what make this day to a special day!

Samstag, 3. Dezember 2011

Krypteria in Concert Nov 24th

Unfortunately there's a head on the bottom - nevermind it pls :)

Hello my beloved readers!
Today you'll get the first in-theme post. Great, isn't it? ;)

I want to report about the last Krypteria Concert I visited on 24th Nov 2011 in Dortmund FZW.

First of all I have to say, please never use the FZW again!
I was at the Doro Concert last year, where Krypteria also played and it was totally disappointing!
The Year before I went to my first Krypteria Concert in Cologne which was soooo amazing!
Why not the FZW? Why was it disappointing?
Well, the technics aren't good. The big hall, where Doro played was awful, the small one was better, but I know Krypteria normally is waaaaaaaaaays better!
However, most ppl seemed not to recognize it. But it isn't that great for Krypteria, I think. So we (my mum and me) already told Ji-In (the lead singer) the fact they shall not use the FZW again.

So come to the better part besides the technics.
Tri state Corner had the task to rock up the audience, so they're ready for Krypteria.
They weren't amazing but not bad at all. Nice music and great Job. They "forced" the audience to sing and made a great athmosphere. 

Then Krypteria came and I had to laugh. My Outfit: Leather coat, corset, trousers, boots. Ji-In: Leather coat, Corset, trousers... *laughs*
They made a good show. Songs from the last albums and the new one (will be reviewed next days). The audience wasn't big at all and all felt so familiar.
A show I really enjoyed - typical Krypteria ;)
After the concert, they came outside so the fans could get autographs and take pictures. Unfortunately we just had the handy from my mom and so I cannot show you them :)

Also I personally have no pictures from the concert (but see or for some :) )

And now to my outfit. I'm not that content with it, but maybe i'll get it fixed someday ;)

Me from the front. The boots are sooo lovely T.T

Close up from the upper body. :)

Please give concrit, so I can do the next reviews better :)

Freitag, 2. Dezember 2011

1st Post

Hello and welcome to my new Blog!
Happy you found the way to me <3

I've not a lot to say about this blog or about my person, as I got sides for that. So see above and click through the jungle.

I'm happy about every concrit and support!

With a lot of love
Sayoko <3