About "Black Mecha-Rose"

Black Mecha-Rose is a blog about Steampunk, Gothic and Metal. Whereas my blog Aristocratic Rose is mostly about fashion, this one is about fashion and music. So different sections are given:
~ My personal Outfits (Steampunk, Gothic)
~ Krypteria News (I get most information on this band. first of all I follow them on twitter, second I know THE sources and third I wanna support them a lot!)
~ Band News (When I got hot news by other bands ;) )
~ Band Introductions (Metal, Gothic, Classic)
~ Album Reviews
~ Tutorials
~ Makeup-Reviews
~ Clothing Reviews
~ Concert Reports
~ Meet-Up Reports
~ Sewing Projects
~ The Poll
~ Thoughts Corner (Sometimes I think about some stuff which are great for discussions. Let's discuss these subjects <3 )

Of course you can influence what I'll post about! Just see Contact for this :)