About me

Name: Sayoko Takeuchi (竹内小夜子)
Age: 19 Years
Birthday: 15th Oct
City: near Duisburg
Country: Germany

Work: school student - I'll graduate next April / May :)
Side Job:  until I have to move to another city because of my university studies I work at a concern producing Computers on the assembly line. I do not like it a lot, but neither I hate it. I earn money - that's everything ;)
Career Dream: study Japanese and another subject (maths e.g.) for being a teacher and earn a lot of money with that :D Also I always wanna be a singer, but I think I would prefer getting children instead of travelling around the world and having stress all the time. I'll see what time brings <3

Hobby stuff: sewing (e.g. Lolita, Aristocratm, Steampunk), Fashion (Lolita, Aristocrat, Gothic, Steampunk ;) ), reading, writing, Internet, learning Japanese and about japanese culture, killing everybody's nerves :D
Just a lot of stuff!
Favourite Bands: KRYPTERIA, Nightwish and maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaany more! I'll add them when I introduced them ;)

When do you wear...
Gothic? To school, to concerts, to work. So it's my casual style.
Lolita? To events, to school, to shopping and in spare time. So it's my casual style I wear when I've got no work or don't feel better in Gothic ;)
Aristocrat? To Events, as I just got one outfit until now and that's just for my Crenoline ><' But wanna wear it more often when I go to university :)
Steampunk? To be honest: I shall begin with it first of all. The outfit I'm working on at the moment is a Lolita one and still has to be improved. I'm still learning. ^____^'

You got some other stuff you wanna know? Just got to Contact and ask me! :)